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BK-175 Vintage Radio T/R Adapter

NOTICE: Radio Adventures is currently in the process of moving its manufacturing facilities to a new location.  Therefore we are not able to accept new orders until probably late October.  We appreciate your interest in our products and apologize for any inconvenience.


The Vintage Radio T/R Adapter provides automatic transmit/receive switching for many vintage transmitters and receivers. It provides time sequenced antenna transfer (with optional remote antenna relay), receiver muting and transmitter keying in semi and full break-in modes or with push-to-talk systems in AM or SSB. The Vintage Radio Adapter consists of two assemblies, the keying and control unit and a remote antenna relay. The control unit accepts key, paddle, keyer or push-to-talk input. The unit can be used as an iambic keyer or simply as a controller, operated with your favorite external key or keyer.

Key Features




BK-175 - Vintage Radio Adapter PC Board Kit $31.95
BK-173 - Remote Mounted Antenna Relay PC Board Kit $4.95