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The DigitalDial

NOTICE: Radio Adventures is currently in the process of moving its manufacturing facilities to a new location.  Therefore we are not able to accept new orders until probably late October.  We appreciate your interest in our products and apologize for any inconvenience.


The Radio Adventure six digit DigitalDial can be used a general purpose frequency counter, a digital dial for home built rigs, an add-on digital dial for commercial transceivers, transmitters or receivers, or it can be added to vintage tube type receivers and transmitters for precise frequency spotting. The counter will operate with tube and solid state equipment having a variable oscillator system up to 50 MHz and will accommodate cases where the oscillator tunes in reverse with respect to operating frequency. Direct frequency readout can be displayed with any IF offset as long as the frequency being measured is 50 MHz or less and the frequency to be displayed is 77.721 MHz or less.

Some of the advanced features of the counter include "anti-jitter code" which reduces last digit jitter, sixteen non-volatile programmable offsets, five of which are push button selectable, programmable reverse counting for reverse tuning VFO's, selectable direct frequency readout, programmable 100hz digit blanking for power conservation, automatic display enable when frequency changes and automatic blanking of megahertz digits. The unit has two switch selected input connectors on the rear panel. One of the connectors is used for direct frequency measurement and the other is used for digital dial applications. It is housed in an attractive all aluminum case painted dark brown and eggshell white. Case dimensions are 1 7/8H x 4 1/2W x 3 3/4D. In addition to the complete kit, printed circuit board kits without enclosure are also available.

Key Features


The Radio Adventures DigitalDial is temporarily out of stock.
Availability of new stock is unknown. However, a nearly identical unit (using the Radio Adventures C5 chip) is available from Oak Hills Research at their website (click here)
Thank you.